california day 1 / 28.06.17

Yesterday I flew to Oakland Airport from Arlanda.
I haven’t been back to California since like March 2016 so I’m glad that I’m finally here now. The flight was over an hour delayed and the whole way there was a baby was crying. So I didn’t have the best flight. But I’m here now and that is what matters.

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london vlogs

Now all my London vlogs are edited and uploaded. The past 4 or 5 posts I uploaded tonight. So I apologise for spamming you. But I did really just want to feel finished with editing the videos.

So it feels really good now, that they’re all out there. If you want to watch them, thank you so much!

I hope you have a nice day.

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london day 13 / 05.06.17

So now I’m home. In my own bed, alone in my room.

It’s nice to have a bed that I know is clean and to have a room I don’t need to share with 7 other people. What’s most nice is the fact that my room isn’t 27 celsius. Which means I can breathe and sleep without sweating.

I do miss London. I really like it there. My last day was spent mostly walking around in Camden Town, walking around for an hour in Waterstones and then sitting at Starbucks for another hour. I had about 5 hours to kill after checking out from my hostel, before I needed to get to the airport. I was quite bored to be honest, but I tried to at least be thankful that I had some extra time in London.

My flight was delayed with about one hour, which really sucked but does it really matter in the end? No, not really. I’m home now, and I think that is all that matters.

I slept for half the flight, and the other half I was sad that I was leaving London. When we we’re about to land and I saw Sweden, that’s when I was glad to be going home. I think it’s easy to forget that you really do love where you live (if you do) when you’re away for a bit. But I really do love Stockholm. So I’m glad to be back.

I got picked up at the airport by my mom and my grandparents. Which was so nice. So thank you to them.

Now it’s time to sleep and it’s going to be so nice.

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london day 12 / 04.06.17

Today is my last day. I mean technically tomorrow is, because that’s when I leave. But today has been my last full day in London. I don’t really want to think about it.

I do want to go home because I miss my mom, my cats and my friends. And with what happened yesterday I’m kind of scared of being here.
But on the other hand, I really love London. It fells like my home. Even though I haven’t spent that much time here in my life, I just feel right at home when I’m here. Everywhere I’m walking I keep thinking “ok this is the last I’m seeing of this for at least six months.”

That makes me really sad. It hasn’t even been a full two weeks of me being here. But it feels like two months. My brain has gotten used to being here, with so many people around me constantly that the thought of not being in London seems very strange to me.

I spent this day in Greenwich. I read book #2 in the Six Tudor Queens series, this book is about Anne Boleyn. It is really good so far, I’m about 200 pages in. I sat there, in Greenwich Park, and I just knew that where I was sitting and walking Anne Boleyn had walked. The real Anne Boleyn, not a fictional version that I’m reading about. The mysterious Anne Boleyn, that was a real person. So many people from history had walked where I was. I was making my own small, unknown history by walking there as well.

I ate a really good vegan pizza at Zizzi. I can recommend eating there if you’ve got the time. After that I took the boat on the Thames to Embankment and then I walked home. On my way I sat in Russell Square for a bit, and honestly, I cried a little bit. I really do love Russell Square.

Now I’m going down to Tescos to buy some chips and a Pepsi. Then I’m going to sit on the steps of Brunswick and eat. Like I’ve done so many nights before. Just because I can.

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london day 11 / 03.06.17

Today is Saturday. Which means it’s the last day that I can see a musical unfortunately. I’ve seen the ones I wanted to see. So after a lot of back and forth I bought tickets to The Phantom of the Opera.

Before that though. I walked down Charing Cross, then I went to Trafalgar Square and then I walked through St. James Park. Just one last time before I leave. I sat and read for a while in Trafalgar Square because I had about 1 hour to kill before I needed to be at the musical.

Then I saw The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre. It was really cool effect wise, but it was hard to kind of understand 100% what was going on. But at least I’ve seen it now.

Then I took a long walk home, down Strand and then back towards Charing Cross and Oxford Street. I sat on the steps of Brunswick eating Doritos and drinking Pepsi. Then I got a bunch of messages asking if I was ok, and I heard the news of the London Bridge attacks. It makes me really scared. I can’t sleep. I’ve been sitting in the hallway charging my phone for two hours.

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london day 10 / 02.06.17

Today I woke up relatively early (compared to the other days). I went to the British Museum, which is about a five minute walk from my hostel. They had a special LGBTQ+ exhibit that I was interested in. It was very small, but it was interesting. I think I learned a lot.

I went home and sat in my hostel for a while. I bought tickets to go see School of Rock that evening. Then I walked towards St. Bartholomews Hospital. They film Sherlock there so I thought why not. After that I went to Millennium Bridge, because there is a scene in Harry Potter where the Death Eaters destroy it, and ever since I saw that scene I’ve loved it. Oh and it was raining like crazy so the bridge made a horrible screechy sound with everyones footsteps.

Then I went to the Tate Modern, which is on the other side of the Millennium Bridge. I walked around for maybe an hour or two and then I took a bus, and another bus because the first bus dropped us off earlier than it was supposed to. I finally got to where School of Rock was playing.

It was good, but it’s not something I’d jump at the opportunity to see again. I really liked how talented the kids were though.

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london day 9 / 01.06.17

I’m honestly feeling kind of anxious. I think I’m not doing enough whilst I’m here, so I keep pushing myself to do things. But that just makes me more anxious. It’s an evil circle that needs to be destroyed.

I walked over to North Gower Street again, so that I could see where they film Sherlock but this time Speedy’s was open. So I got to take some pictures and think “Wow, cool famous actors have stood where I’m standing.”

After that I walked down Charing Cross Road. If you haven’t noticed, I really like that road. It’s very nice. Too many people though. I walked through a book store and I wasn’t feeling to well so I sat down. Then I realised I hadn’t ate anything since yesterday. So I went to McDonalds and ate some greasy and gross french fries. I felt better though.

I bought a shirt at a vintage store called RokIt by Covent Garden. It was really cute. It had little butterflies on it.

Then I went to Adelphi Theatre to see Kinky Boots again, because it was so good. And it was amazing the second time. I’m glad I got to see it. What’s funny with seeing live performances again is you realise little things that maybe went wrong the first time or that go wrong this time.

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london day 8 / 31.05.17

This is the musical that started the whole London trip. I bought tickets to see it before I had even gotten plane tickets or booked a hostel to stay at.

I woke up late (surprise, surprise) which was fine since I was seeing the matinee performance of The Book of Mormon. I walked there in weather that was too hot for walking. I knew kind of where I was going, but I had accidentally used all of my data so I kind of had to wing it. I got there with 25 minutes to spare so that’s fine.

The Book of Mormon was really good, I do think maybe I’m a little bit too politically correct to enjoy everything. But I did really enjoy it. Unfortunately, after seeing Kinky Boots, everything else is just on a lower level.

When the musical was done I just decided to walk in any direction that looked interesting. After two minutes of confusion I realised I was standing in THE Piccadilly Circus. Honestly, I’m disappointed, it looks so big in the movies. Like in Sherlock when that guy with all of the explosives on, it looks huge. It’s not huge. It’s tiny and confusing. And like rotten cherry on top, the famous adverts on the buildings were under renovation so they were just cardboard signs.

I didn’t do much more today. I mostly sat in my hostel.

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london day 7 / 30.05.17

Today I woke up late. Then I decided to see a musical so I (my mom on messenger) chose to see Kinky Boots. I didn’t think I’d like it for some reason. I’d wanted to see it though, it was on my list.

Honestly this is the best shit I’ve ever seen. I wrote a song after because I was so pumped up after. If you can see one musical when you’re in London, you need to see Kinky Boots.

This is a very short video since I didn’t really do much.

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london day 6 / 29.05.17

It’s Monday. I slept in my crappy hostel. And it was fine.┬áPeople are just really weird here.
It was fine – until I woke up and realised my phone hadn’t charged because the outlet in my little bed cube only worked if I sat there and held it in the same position. Everyone elses outlets work though, so that’s fun.

When I finally went outside I walked down Charing Cross road until I saw a Burger King sign, and there I ate two packs of french fries. After that I sat in Leicester Square for about one hour, because I had no idea what else I wanted to do. There was a young guy playing guitar, and this little girl walked up and started dancing to the music. They didn’t know each other, but they did that for about 40 minutes. It was really cute. In the end she ended up with 1 pound she had gotten from some teenagers. I think I gave her about 40 pence as well.

I went to Starbucks only so I could go take huge poo. It was totally worth it.

I had gotten a ticket to see Wicked. So I decided to walk through St. James Park to get there. It was beautiful. I’m so glad that I did. I barely had any battery on my phone so that was tricky but I got to where I was going eventually (and on time!)

Wicked was really wonderful. Finally I’ve seen it!

I then, when 5% battery on my phone, decided I’d rather take the bus home instead of the easy and more direct way of taking the tube. I jumped on the bus that Google told me to get on, and then after about 20 minutes, I realised I had gone passed King’s Cross by about 10 minutes.
So I got off, scared because I had no idea where I was. After about 25 minutes I found myself in St. Pancras Intl Station, and dramatic as I am. I thanked myself for being alive because I was in “the bad part of town” (I probably wasn’t).
I finally got home to my hostel after breathing at the station for a bit, and then I decided to be more careful and look better at what Google thinks is the best way home for me. If it’s walking 10 minutes in an unknown neighbourhood with 2% battery, that is not the way to go.

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