london day 12 / 04.06.17

Today is my last day. I mean technically tomorrow is, because that’s when I leave. But today has been my last full day in London. I don’t really want to think about it.

I do want to go home because I miss my mom, my cats and my friends. And with what happened yesterday I’m kind of scared of being here.
But on the other hand, I really love London. It fells like my home. Even though I haven’t spent that much time here in my life, I just feel right at home when I’m here. Everywhere I’m walking I keep thinking “ok this is the last I’m seeing of this for at least six months.”

That makes me really sad. It hasn’t even been a full two weeks of me being here. But it feels like two months. My brain has gotten used to being here, with so many people around me constantly that the thought of not being in London seems very strange to me.

I spent this day in Greenwich. I read book #2 in the Six Tudor Queens series, this book is about Anne Boleyn. It is really good so far, I’m about 200 pages in. I sat there, in Greenwich Park, and I just knew that where I was sitting and walking Anne Boleyn had walked. The real Anne Boleyn, not a fictional version that I’m reading about. The mysterious Anne Boleyn, that was a real person. So many people from history had walked where I was. I was making my own small, unknown history by walking there as well.

I ate a really good vegan pizza at Zizzi. I can recommend eating there if you’ve got the time. After that I took the boat on the Thames to Embankment and then I walked home. On my way I sat in Russell Square for a bit, and honestly, I cried a little bit. I really do love Russell Square.

Now I’m going down to Tescos to buy some chips and a Pepsi. Then I’m going to sit on the steps of Brunswick and eat. Like I’ve done so many nights before. Just because I can.

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