london day 8 / 31.05.17

This is the musical that started the whole London trip. I bought tickets to see it before I had even gotten plane tickets or booked a hostel to stay at.

I woke up late (surprise, surprise) which was fine since I was seeing the matinee performance of The Book of Mormon. I walked there in weather that was too hot for walking. I knew kind of where I was going, but I had accidentally used all of my data so I kind of had to wing it. I got there with 25 minutes to spare so that’s fine.

The Book of Mormon was really good, I do think maybe I’m a little bit too politically correct to enjoy everything. But I did really enjoy it. Unfortunately, after seeing Kinky Boots, everything else is just on a lower level.

When the musical was done I just decided to walk in any direction that looked interesting. After two minutes of confusion I realised I was standing in THE Piccadilly Circus. Honestly, I’m disappointed, it looks so big in the movies. Like in Sherlock when that guy with all of the explosives on, it looks huge. It’s not huge. It’s tiny and confusing. And like rotten cherry on top, the famous adverts on the buildings were under renovation so they were just cardboard signs.

I didn’t do much more today. I mostly sat in my hostel.

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