london day 9 / 01.06.17

I’m honestly feeling kind of anxious. I think I’m not doing enough whilst I’m here, so I keep pushing myself to do things. But that just makes me more anxious. It’s an evil circle that needs to be destroyed.

I walked over to North Gower Street again, so that I could see where they film Sherlock but this time Speedy’s was open. So I got to take some pictures and think “Wow, cool famous actors have stood where I’m standing.”

After that I walked down Charing Cross Road. If you haven’t noticed, I really like that road. It’s very nice. Too many people though. I walked through a book store and I wasn’t feeling to well so I sat down. Then I realised I hadn’t ate anything since yesterday. So I went to McDonalds and ate some greasy and gross french fries. I felt better though.

I bought a shirt at a vintage store called RokIt by Covent Garden. It was really cute. It had little butterflies on it.

Then I went to Adelphi Theatre to see Kinky Boots again, because it was so good. And it was amazing the second time. I’m glad I got to see it. What’s funny with seeing live performances again is you realise little things that maybe went wrong the first time or that go wrong this time.

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