Hångel / 2 October 2015


                                       choker, ebay / shirt, thrifted / skirt, h&m

Last night I went to the club Hångel with my best friend Johanna, I wouldn’t normally write about going out but they took an amazing photo of us there that I just had to show. I have obviously coloured my hair a little bit since I last blogged on here. I was very inspired by the new Harley Quinn from the (as of right now) unreleased Suicide Squad movie. I coloured it back at the beginning of August so it’s been about 2 months now. I still love it! It comes out amazingly on photographs.
We just had our class photo for my senior year in high school, which is like a dress up photo. We chose the theme “heroes and villains” which is why I have Harley’s tattoo on my arm, you should have seen my legs! They were full of sharpie drawings!

The photo was taken by Hångel so credit where credit is due.

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